Friday, April 24, 2009


21 to 27.02.2009..Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia.


xx.05.2008.. Finally.. After Try an Error..

without my abah.. n my hubby @egypt tht time..

27.02.2007.. Al-Fatihah for my abah..

31.08.2005... Between hard times works n study.. I choose to...

FOREVER LOVE Insya-Allah..Amin..

2004-2007...missed the world of property valuer..

...hehe..aka operator for banker..
n the very bz world of being PLK student Estate Management.. haha..

2000-2003.. Dip Estate Management.. Photo.?? Tengah dok cari lagi..

1999..after SPM??

...Hillcrest..zaman2 sangat baik dolu2 kala..hehe..