Thursday, March 11, 2010

Axa Medical Health (Medical Card) claim

no Co-Takaful - 10%
no stress..

as EASY as ABC.

a. just show the card

b. the nurse confirm with the doctor

c. they submit to axa.

then later my client just paid rm20 for the admin fee (DEMC- Darul Ehsan Medical Center, Shah Alam, Selangor. or rm70 at Tawakal Hospital, Kuala Lumpur

balik rumah n relax.. ;)

Axa Personal Accident Claim..

Personal Accident for Whole Family (Plan1) covered RM 50,000 each person.

other benefit refer pamphlet attached.

Cost only rm199 yearly + RM10duty stamp. if Father+Mother+4sons&1daughter= 7person
rm209/7 = RM29.85 each person per/year, monthly only rm2.49each.. tak murah ke tu..?

Accident on 10.1.2010

im the agent just know 2weeks+ after..

submission less than rm300 just need client signature, no need doctor report.
other insurance need doctor signature.

cuti+some programs..

Submission to AXA on 2.2.2010
Cheque Print on 12.2.2010.

quite cepat lah kan..

silakan compare to other insurance..
insurance murah pon nk compare2..
lain lah kalau insurance claim tak dapat kan..